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P.A.C.I.T is a, non-profit organization based out of Omaha, Nebraska, that aims to prove the existence of cryptids and the paranormal throughout the world. P.A.C.I.T. stands for Paranormal and Cryptozoological Investigation Team and we will gladly venture into the world of paranormal and cryptozoology, to protect, and to explore. Please give us Info on any haunted places or cryptids that we can hunt for If you know any. You can leave your comments under the Chatroom labeled "Investigations" or you can tell us by contacting our Email in the "How to get Connected" section of this page.

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P.A.C.I.T. will soon have a "Directory" page. 

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How To Get Connected

If you have anything of interest regarding cryptozoology, other fortean study or a place for us to visit feel free to share with us.

Email is recommended and checked most often.

Also, if you have any stories or photos of the unknown, cryptids, paranormal, and other interests, please email them to us. Label the subject "Sendin"

Email: p-a-c-i-t@hotmail.com

We also accept private messages, or messages on Google Plus or Facebook (below). 

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P.A.C.I.T. currently has both a Facebook Page and a G+ page! Get connected and check them out below:



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